The lin-Co Building, Mascoutah, IL - May/June 2006

Before photograph showing the old faded stripe paint job.

This is my photoshop rendering showing the proposed paint rennovation.
Photoshop rendering of the mural on the west portion of the south wall. This is not an exact representation of the final mural...perhaps 90-95% accurate.

Mural in progress. The "sketch" you see was tranferred at night with my overhead projector and an airbrush with a darker shade of the wall color. I'm using airbrush on much of this, especially on all the sharp lines of the architectural elements such as the quoins. Basically, I will tape my line (ideally in the evening with the aid of my self -levelling laser level), then "cut" in the edge with the airbrush, then roll the main portion with a weenie roller. I've found that with the Iwata Eclipse airbrush, I don't need to thin the paint (mostly Sherwin Williams exterior Superpaint) especially in the heat of the day. If I do have to thin it, it is less than 10% and I am sure to do at least two coats. The mural will be clearcoated with SW SherClear UV clear coat.

Quoins finished. Grassy area blocked in.

...Just after one of many brutal storms that has been rampaging through the area! Got packed up just in time!

The west wall completed. This was not in the initial plan, but I always inteded to do "something" with it. This was the best solution. Obviously, from a perspective standpoint, the mural is best viewed from straight on and the intent is for this wall to "bring you in" to the ideal viewing point when approaching from the westbound lane. By the time you are noticing the mural, you are already at that ideal viewing it works pretty well!